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Among the supporters, cooperation partners and sponsors

A heartfelt thanks to the sponsors of the Prussian wrestlers. It is only through your commitment that we are able to meet the demands of a modern sports company. Help us with your commitment!

If you would like to become a sponsor or would like to support the Prussian wrestlers with a donation, please contact us via the contact form or donate to our club account:

SV Prussia Berlin e.V.
IBAN: DE22 1005 0000 2333 3106 02
Berlin Savings Bank

Subject: First name Name
Donation Department Wrestling


Donation receipt

As a non-profit association (tax-exempt corporation), we are allowed to grant the donor tax-effective donation certificates (donation receipts). In addition, the purchase of a new wrestling mat is a well-recognised use. A donation receipt will be sent to you on request by the main association.


Simplified proof of donation (donations up to 200,- €)

A simplified proof of donation is the payment of the credit institute if the amount of the donation does not exceed the amount of 200,- €. The booking confirmation must show the name and account number of the client and recipient, the amount and the day of booking.


Please note the companies listed here when making your purchases and business transactions.

Ingenieurbüro Pitbau - Ralph Piterek

Ingenieurbüro Pitbau

Statics & Energy Consulting Office
Consulting Engineers VDI

Ralph Piterek, Managing Director

Phone: 030 24 35 88 81
Fax: 030 24 35 88 82


Ingenieurbüro Pitbau

Litfax® Ltd.

Publishers for banks
payment forms,

bank forms, marketing articles, Printed matter of all kinds

Peter Junge, Managing Director

Telephone: 030 688 1919 70
Fax: 030 688 1919 99


Litfax Ltd.

Bärenstark Bodenlegerei

Laying of parquet, laminate, carpet, etc.
Grinding, sealing, oiling

Manfred Neumann, Managing Director

Phone: 0173 2372829