Wrestling – our philosophy

Wrestling is one of the oldest martial arts in the world and has been Olympic since ancient times. With all the physical effort it is necessary to defeat the opponent without any further aids. Strength plays a lessimportant role than technique, endurance, coordination and speed. Every fight is carried out according to strict rules under the supervision of a judge: beating and acting is forbidden. Due to these characteristics, the wrestling is certainly becoming more and more popular among girls and young women.

In addition to the physical challenge, the personal development of each wrestler is in the foreground. In training and competitions, the athletes should get to know their own limits and deal fairly and athletically with their competitors. They should learn to deal with stress and the expectations of others, to work independently on themselves and to improve their skills. In individual and team competitions, they can prove that they can act not only as individual fighters, but also as a team, and take responsibility in it.

Club goals

The aim of our association is to introduce children and young people to wrestling with pleasure and to offer them a meaningful, demanding and encouraging leisure activity. Children and young adults are supported according to their age and abilities and carefully integrated into grassroots and competitive sports. They are prepared to represent the club in the youth and men’s team of the respective league.


Our little ones learn to improve their coordination and body control through games and gymnastics and are slowly becoming familiar with combat elements. In the beginner groups they are taught basic skills and techniques of wrestling. In the field of adolescents and adults, the technical training is supplemented by elements of strength sports. The skills learned are tested and awarded by regular participation in local and national tournaments and championships. Athletes with very good skills are specifically prepared for a performance orientation in sports schools.