The answers to the most common questions



I or my son or daughter are looking for a wrestling club in Berlin. Who can we contact?

The Preussen wrestlers offer children’s and youth training for beginners and advanced in Berlin – Karow, Prenzlauer Berg and Hohenschönhausen. Just send us a short info via the contact form or contact the trainers at the respective training times. We will give you an answer to your questions in a timely manner.


Who can train with the Prussian wrestlers?

In the respective training groups, children (girls and boys), adolescents as well as women and men can train. Since December 2011, we offer a crawling group for children from the age of 3, in which children can move around in a playful way under the care of their parents.


What is needed for training?

Sports equipment such as a T-shirt, training pants and sports shoes are required for the training. For the beginning, sports shoes with a flat, light sole are sufficient. Later, special wrestling shoes were to be purchased.

We recommend taking your own drinks with you, so that the loss of fluid can be quickly compensated after the sport.



Membership questions

How do I become a member of the Prussian wrestlers?

After the free trial training of the first four weeks, an application for membership must be completed and submitted to the trainers or department management. The department management then regulates correspondence with the office.

How much does training or membership cost?

The membership fee for all children and adults usually costs 20 € per month. For siblings or parents whose child is a member of the association, we offer a sibling bonus (15€ per month). In addition, a one-time admission fee of 25 € will be charged.

How can I pay the fee?

The payment of the contribution is only possible by direct debit authorisation. This must be given together with the entry declaration on the form. The contribution will be paid quarterly as of January 15, April 15, 15, 15. and 15.10. or semi-annually at 15.01. and 15.07. Fed.


How can I cancel my membership?

According to the statutes of the association, the withdrawal to the association must be made directly through the office in writing (by post: SV Preußen Berlin e.V., Office, Hansastr. 190, 13088 Berlin / by e-mail: Please note that the withdrawal period is one month at the end of each quarter.